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I confess… trying to wrap my head around all the civil unrest, protests, police brutality, and general mayhem over the past couple weeks has sent my head spinning. I’m concerned that the Coronavirus, far from over, will have a heyday with all this “congregating” and cause a second wave of infections and more deaths.

Yet, at the same time, I feel the urgency of the protests as they point to broken systems in our society and government that, long overdue, need to be voiced now.


Personally and professionally, I started this year inspired by George Eliot’s quote: 

“It’s never too late to be what you might have been.”

This VISION 2020 theme for the year was fueled by a determination to show up more consistently and to double-down on my efforts to serve – to help others (myself included) become the “Best Version” of themselves this year.

In January, my Personal Growth Meetup, came up with a list of monthly themes and topics that over the course of the year, would enable us to grow into and become our best self.

Little did we know a new virus would put the world into mandatory time-out. Then, only a few months later, civil unrest would explode into the streets and across the globe.


Once COVID-19 hit we all went into survival mode. Staying safer-at-home became the new normal. Figuring out how to deal with the stress of sudden change and the new invisible-till-you’ve-had-it-for-awhile threat became our collective priority. And of course, the well-meaning (but trivia at this point) self-improvement list went out the window.

As safer-at-home became the “new normal,” how to accept what is and stay positive in this extended time-out became the concern.

And now, just as we’re beginning to see daylight at the end of this time-out tunnel, and looking forward to flexing our legs and perhaps getting on with life, a wave of brutality, injustices, and protests are reverberating through the streets.

With all the craziness erupting and my brain spinning, it’s difficult to know just what to write about. I need your help!


  • What is your most dominant concern right now?
  • What form of support would be most helpful to you?

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