image by S. Hermann & F. Richter at Pixabay

If you’re not happy with what’s going on in your situation right now, to feel better (and to find any kind of resolution), you’re going to have to change your thoughts.

Because how you think about it will determine how you feel about it. The new science, psychoneuroimmunology, studies this mind-body connection. Dr. Joe Dispenza, in his book, Evolve Your Brain, explains it like this:

Your every thought produces a biochemical reaction in the brain. The brain then releases chemical signals that are transmitted to the body, where they act as the messengers of the thought. The thoughts that produce the chemicals in the brain allow your body to feel exactly the way you were just thinking. So every thought produces a chemical that is matched by a feeling in your body.

You have a thought, which causes a chemical response. That thought creates a feeling in your body. Your brain notices your body is feeling a certain way. So it responds to that bodily feeling by generating another thought, which produces another corresponding chemical messenger. And wah-lah… you’re now thinking the way you feel. And feeling the way you think.

Eventually, this thought-feeling loop creates a state of being. A mindset. And when you’re stuck in a negative feeling-thinking mindset, it is very hard to think greater than how you feel.

In other words, you can’t feel bad (angry, frustrated, sad, depressed, etc) and solve your problem. (That’s what Einstein meant by not being able to solve a problem from the same mindset that created it.)

To effect a change, you must be able to think-feel greater (i.e. happier) than the situation you’re in.

Fortunately, just as all roads lead to Rome, there are many ways to break through that negative, problem-based mindset. But just know, whichever road you take, it’s going to be a process… a journey.

Each of those roads begins with opening a door and stepping through it. And, in the big scheme of things, it really doesn’t matter which door you choose first (or next).

All that matters is that you keep opening doors. And you keep taking steps.

Because, with each door, you’ll learn something. With each teacher, you’ll get a new perspective because each will speak from their own experience, training, and understanding. So, go where your instincts lead you.

I speak from the vantage point of the subconscious mind, where our habits and patterns of thinking, feeling, and being reside. At the core of those habits and patterns are fundamental beliefs ingrained before the age of 6-8 years old – when our brains were still developing and absorbing information with no understanding of true or untrue. As a result, these beliefs are often negative and self-limiting. Yet, over time, they become our “rules for life” and act as filters in which we perceive our self, our value, and our world.

So today, as an adult… when you feel bad, sad, angry, frustrated, or any kind of upset, it’s usually one of those core thinking-feeling patterns (or misperceptions) that’s being called to the front of the class for questioning.

Think of it as a knock at the door – an opportunity to look underneath and change the old, out-dated (mis)belief into something more empowering.

The Mindset Mastery Program is a door to that journey. (Enrollment Tuesday, July 7 – at midnight Central Time.)