Studies have shown that dieting does not lead to sustained weight loss. In fact, it typically leads to weight gain and the yo-yo effect – losing weight then gaining it (and more) back.

The reason for this is simple. The typical diet – limiting food intake – puts our body in survival mode. We’re not designed to starve. So, limited food (or prolonged hunger) signals the body to store up energy (fat) for the perceived “lean” times.

On top of that, popular diet and exercise programs fail to account for the most powerful influencer of all – our emotions.

In addition to the obvious physical need for food, we also have an emotional attachment to it.

Think about it… birthdays, Christmas, Thanksgiving, other holidays, family gatherings, even church meetings. They’re all associated with food – food equals love, family, community, acceptance. All happy feelings – (or perhaps, not-so-happy feelings depending on your past experiences.)

Emotional Weight Loss

And what about those skinned knees as a child? How many cookies or other special treats did you get to “help you feel better”?

The problem is, we may know better, (logically), that eating healthy food is the right thing to do. But when push comes to shove, and the stress is on, we’re likely to reach for the comfort food every time.

Unless you deal with the underlying emotions and associations to food, the battle with weight issues will continue. And that means, getting passed the conscious, logical brain, and dipping into the realm of the subconscious mind. This older part of our brain holds the key to our automatic behaviors, habits, associations, and emotional responses.

In the Weight Loss from the Inside-Out program, we teach you how to begin to change that “programming.” This six-week class series is filled with techniques, exercises, and tools to help you eliminate food cravings and neutralize past issues that conditioned over-eating. You’ll also learn how to defuse the underlying emotions that have sabotaged your success in the past so that you can make healthy choices today and in the future.

Ready to be free of the old associations and emotional weight?

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