Inner Wellness Tools

Long-term changes are created from the inside out. This means leaving the outside world and going within. It means setting aside the mind-chatter so that you can hear the whispers of your heart – that “still small voice”.

These Inner Wellness tools are created and blessed with the intent that you reconnect with your Divine Essence – that “God Spark” within. My sincere hope is that as you use these tools, you will be motivated and inspired to use this reconnection to grow and to move into the direction of what you truly want in life – moving toward wholeness and living a life motivated by love.

10-Minute Time-Out:  A Chakra Meditation for Releasing Stress

Meditation is the best kept ‘secret’ for reducing stress and anxiety that I know. As well as increasing a sense of inner peace and tranquility, it helps to reduce the mental clutter that often consumes our mind-space. When this usually negative and self-depreciating mind-chatter begins to clear. it allows us the opportunity to connect more to our “higher” consciousness, and to the Divine Presence within us. Then we are able to let our thoughts and emotions come and go freely without judgment.

When this happens, we’re well on the way to tapping in to the many benefits meditation practice has in store for us. As we learn to calm our hearts and minds, not only do we feel better on the “inside”, but our “outer” world begins to change as well.

There are many ways to meditate, from simply focusing on the breath to elaborately guided meditations. The 10-Minute Time Out: A Chakra Meditation for Releasing Stress incorporates the elements of visualization or imagination, color, and sound. It was designed to be used as a quick de-stressor or “regroup” during the day. Using this meditation as part of your daily meditation practice can help set your intention for a calm and balanced day. An 8-page Guidebook is included.

“What you are, so is your world. Everything in the universe is resolved into your own inward experience. It matters little what is without, for it is all a reflection of your own state of consciousness. It matters everything what you are within, for everything without will be mirrored and colored accordingly.”

James Allen, Path to Prosperity

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