Visioning & Goal Setting

Visioning & Goal Setting

A Workshop on Projecting Your Tomorrow and Heading Toward it Today

January 25, 2020 – 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

When your life comes to an end, what will you have accomplished? And what about today?

Do you see the remainder of your life as limitless in its potential?

Do you feel you have great, untapped promise?

Come to a workshop where you will:

  • tap into your deepest desires and create a future vision of what you want for your life.
  • plan out the steps needed to reach it
  • create focus and eliminate the distractions that keep you stagnant
  • lock in ways to stay centered on the right road that will lead to your specific destination
  • Location: 3322 S. Memorial Parkway, Suite 617, Huntsville, AL


  4 hour workshop –  $97 Special

Pre-registration required. Class size limited.

Questions? Send us an email.