The Tapping Journey

  • Do you have severe or chronic health issues?
  • Have you been diagnosed with physical problem or disease?
  • Do you experience headaches, allergies, insomnia, side effects from drugs, or other physical symptoms that just won’t go away?

Any health problem – especially when chronic – causes an emotional response within us. Common responses include fear, grief, sadness, anxiety, aggravation, frustration, depression, or anger.

And these emotional responses typically walk hand-in-hand with their own set of negative thoughts and limiting beliefs that tend to play through our head like a broken record.

You’ve been to the doctor, you’ve tried medication… but nothing seems to work.

Unfortunately, unless these emotional undercurrents are addressed, any resolution of the physical symptom is likely to be temporary at best.

What will you Gain if you Join Us on this transformational four weeks?

  • Tools and techniques to quickly reduce stress, worry, anxiety or fear
  • Enhanced ability to manage any life challenge or upset
  • A mindset that fosters insights and new ways of thinking
  • Mutual support from like-minded people
  • A feeling of freedom, resilience, and self-empowerment
What will happen if you don’t?

Continued negative feeling and thinking keeps you right where you are – stuck inside a negative spiral. Unable to see or think your way out.

This tunnel-vision mindset keeps you focused on the “leaves” and controlled by the physical, mental and emotional pain.